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Special Awards

Cousin Thelma Boltin
Edward Lee Flemming, Jr.

Two "elders" of the local old-time and folk community, Edward "Doc" Flemming, Jr. and "Cousin" Thelma Boltin were inspirational to the founders of FOTMC. Ed Flemming lived in Dade City, taught at Saint Leo University, and was a member of the board of directors of the Florida Folk Festival in White Springs. Thelma Boltin had family in Dade City, and together with Ed created the Heart of Florida Folk Festival in Dade City. Thelma was also the Director. Mistress of Ceremonies, and Master Storyteller at the Florida Folk Festival. 

Two special awards are given at FOTMC each year. The "Flemming" award is given to an especially skillful musician. The "Boltin" award goes to someone who has been especially supportive to old-time music in Florida.

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