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Our Story

The Florida Old Time Music Championship (FOTMC) was conducted from 1982 to 2015. Originally held at the Pioneer Florida Museum, FOTMC was begun to preserve and promote traditional old-time music in Florida for future generations. 

When Ernie Williams ventured up to the Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddler Convention in Athens, Alabama, winning the banjo contest, he returned to his home in Florida convinced that we could do something similar here in Florida. Ernie, Dennis Devine, Luther Rozar, Jim Strickland and a group of unsung heroes donated energy, enthusiasm and funding to develop and initiate FOTM's


Seven Years after the original FOTMC ended, FOTMC, Inc was created, led by Deborah Gilman and David Townsend and seven other board of director members and a few donors and sponsors.

The revived FOTMC event takes place every March or April in a centrally located venue.

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