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Florida Old Time Music Championships, Inc.

Our mission is to provide a yearly event where (1) the playing of traditional old-time musical instruments and the use of old-time music styles, (often called Appalachian, Southern Old Time, Midwest Old Time, Northwest Old Time, Canadian Old Time, etc.), are honored, supported, and encouraged in a gathering of musicians from Florida and other places, (2) contests of various old-time musical instruments are played by musicians using old-time styles, singers using old-time styles, and dancers using old-time flatfooting, step dancing, or clogging, to recognize their mastery in old-time music traditions, and (3)  to provide workshops at our yearly event as well as throughout the year, supporting and providing resources to musicians, fans, and communities interested in old-time music.

Florida Old Time Music Championships, Inc. is a Florida non-profit  organization welcomes all members of the public, regardless of sex, race, religion, culture, national origin, disability,  age, and or economic status, ensuring accessibility to everyone.

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Membership and Volunteering
Our  Yearly Event,
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